Adele Makeda, Top Model and Socialite Extraordinaire

Always awkward as a child and unsure of herself, Adele Makeda’s beauty unfolded over the years, just like the little ugly duckling in the fairy tale turned into a beautiful swan!

Daughter of a prominent African diplomat, a teenaged Adele was forced to leave Mademoiselle Jolie’s school in Paris when her mother passed away. An only child, she was soon asked to stand at her father’s side at various official functions and, therefore, learned the art of diplomacy and negotiation early in life. Living a very busy life while traveling all over the world on official business, Adele returned to Paris in hopes that she would enjoy a glamorous break with her long-time friend Veronique Perrin, totally unaware that her life was about to change forever.

Upon her arrival, Adele was caught in the rush of the drama that had unfolded some months prior between another of her former friends, the mysterious Kyori Sato, and Veronique. Adele was selected on the spot to become the next face of W to replace a constantly absent Kyori. Hesitant at first due to her lack of self-confidence, this once unknown political personality would soon become the toast of the modeling industry and European social circles. Adele’s arrival turned out to be a blessing for W Cosmetics. The bond that she had shared in school with her friend was immediately re-established the minute they saw each other. Veronique has nothing but respect for the work her friend did as a diplomatic aide and is ever so grateful that Adele has agreed to join her at W.

Today, Adele owes much of her self-esteem to Veronique and looks up to her as a role model. Adele is a fun-loving but no-nonsense character and knows when it’s time to force Veronique to rest, something Adele knows only she can accomplish. Adelees father wasn’t too happy to see her stay in Paris at first, but now he enjoys the fact that his daughter is truly happy where she is. Veronique Perrin, Vanessa Perrin, and Adele Makeda have known each other for years; and, even though of very different backgrounds, both ethnic and social, they share a bond that transcends friendships: they are soul sisters.

Best Friend: Veronique Perrin
Foe: Kyori Sato
Love Interest: Too many to mention!
Mentor and Personal Guide: Dr. Bernard Makeda, her father
Loves: Peaceful people and a good party
Hates: Spies and nosy people from Missima Cosmetics

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  • Golden Holiday Poppy Parker

  • Line:
  • Golden Holiday Poppy Parker Image
  • Poppy Parker
  • Sculpt:
  • Poppy 1.0
  • Body Type:
  • Poppy Parker 1.0
  • Skin Tone:
  • FR White
  • Hair Color:
  • Vibrant Brunette
  • Edition Size:
  • 1315
  • Year:
  • 2017
  • Item Number:
  • PP114
  • Item Type:
  • W Club Exclusive